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Hop Barons

Hop Barons Sample Pack - Limited Item

Hop Barons Sample Pack - Limited Item

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Can't decide which seasoning you want? How about all 5! Our sampler pack is the perfect gift for the chef in your life. Also makes a great stocking stuffer and Father's Day gift. 

With the Hop Barons Sample Pack you get one of each of our signature flavors:

  1. Chicken & Veggie: Adding a burst of savory goodness to your chicken, turkey, vegetables, and more.
  2. Steak:  This Steak Seasoning isn't just for steaks; it's a versatile companion for all your favorite meats, from burgers to roasts.
  3. Pork: Elevate your pork chops, roasts, or tenderloins with a burst of flavor that will have everyone asking for seconds.
  4. Seafood:  From grilled fish to succulent shrimp, it is the key to unlocking a symphony of tastes.
  5. Spicy: Creates a harmonious experience that complements a variety of dishes, from grilled chicken to roasted vegetables.

Get one while they last!

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