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Hop Barons

Honey Apple

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Our latest collaboration is here. Working with The Beer Guys to develop this recipe, it uses fresh 100% honeycrisp apple powder with a little bit of sweet and a little bit of spice. 

in addition to amazing flavor, 50% of profits from online sales go to support Bethany Children's House Montessori Preschool in Honesdale, PA. 

In the Montessori classroom, children are encouraged to work on their own in various areas of interest. The developmental goals include independence, order, concentration, and coordination. While children work independently, the adults are observing. The work of the adults is to observe, encourage and initiate new work, to help the children expand their horizons and take the next step. In the Montessori classroom, the word "work" is used a great deal. The children are not just playing with a set of pink cubes. They are discovering all the can about the cubes. They are toiling intellectually with the concepts of size, order, shape, volume and balance. To them, it is "work". Learn More

ingredients: granulated honey, himalayan sea salt, apple powder, black pepper, chili powder, cinnamon, cayenne powder, Sky High Hops cascade hops