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Hop Barons

Fish Fry & Beer Batter

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This fish and beer batter is a unique and flavorful way to enjoy your favorite fish. The batter features River Valley Community Grains einkorn flour, which adds a nutty and slightly sweet flavor to the batter. Combined with black pepper, paprika, Himalayan sea salt, and onion powder, this batter creates a delicious and savory coating for the fish. But what really makes this batter stand out is the use of Sky High Hos cascade hops and habanero powder. The cascade hops add a subtle floral aroma and a touch of bitterness to the batter, while the habanero powder gives it a fiery kick that pairs perfectly with the fish. When fried, the batter creates a crispy and flavorful coating that perfectly complements the tender and juicy fish inside. Overall, this fish and beer batter is a must-try for anyone who loves a unique and flavorful twist on their favorite seafood dishes.

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Ingredients: River Valley Community Grains einkorn flour, black pepper, paprika, himalayan sea salt, onion powder, Sky High Hos cascade hops, habamero powder