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Hop Barons

Lemon Pepper Rub & Seasoning

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This BBQ rub and seasoning is a delicious blend of sweet, citrusy, and spicy flavors that will elevate any grilled dish. The brown sugar provides a rich sweetness that is perfectly balanced by the zesty and bright flavor of the lemon zest. The black pepper and Himalayan salt add a savory and salty note to the rub, while the cayenne pepper provides a fiery kick that will add some heat to your grilled meats.

The cascade hops give the rub a subtle floral aroma that adds depth and complexity to the flavor profile.

This BBQ rub and seasoning is perfect for grilling chicken, fish, or vegetables, and can be used as a dry rub or mixed with your favorite BBQ sauce for a delicious glaze. Whether you're grilling for a summer barbecue or a cozy winter dinner, this BBQ rub and seasoning is sure to impress your guests with its unique and flavorful combination of ingredients.

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Ingredients: brown sugar, lemon zest, black pepper, himalayan salt, cayenne pepper and cascade hops.

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