Why Hops?

The first documented use of hops was in beer just outside of Munich around the 8th century. But hops hasn't only been used in beer, it has been used medicinally for more than 2,000 years!

  • In Beer

    The most common use of hops is in beer brewing. Not only are they used in your favorite, mouth puckering IPA, but they are used in all beers! There are over 80 varieties of hops.

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  • As Medicine

    Hops have been shown to have medicinal benefits both as a topical treatment and in drinks as well as an extract. Hop extract has been used to help treat everything from insomnia and anxiety to intestinal and digestive issues.

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  • In Food

    Using hops in food, like we do with our rubs and seasonings, is less common, but not less tasty! As an herb, hops brings an earthy, slightly peppery flavor to food depending on the variety.

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