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We grow hops and we produce hop-based products

(and of course we also supply local breweries & homebrewers)

In 2016 the US has more breweries than anytime in history with over 4,200 and more opening everyday. While no two beers taste the same, all beers have 4 ingredients in common: yeast, grain, water and hops. Over 12 years ago we started home brewing and quickly caught the bug.

Friends since their first day at the University of Scranton in 1997, Jay and Chris set out in 2015 to revolutionize the hop industry. As breweries throughout the country started popping up, we started growing our own hops to improve our beers and make them truly local. But we didn't stop there. With hops having a number of health benefits (including sedative, anti-inflammatory & menopause symptom relief) we decided they weren't just for beer anymore! We are creating a full range of hop products including salts, bbq rubs, dips and more! Enjoy!



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Products & Services


Products & Services

Local Hops

Our goal is to bring local hops to local breweries and home brewers. As the brewery boom continues across the US, locally produced products continue to be every brewers dream. Our goal is to make local hops accessible to everyone.

Hop Infused Products

Hop are not just for beer anymore. We offer a full range of hop products including salts, BBQ rubs, dip mixes and more!

Hop Farm Development

Need help creating your own hop farm? We can plan, build and plant your hops. You just sit back and watch it all unfold and soon you will be brewing with your own hops! We also offer consulting services on disease prevention.